Jumat, 30 April 2010

Nuno Da Costa

These pictures are made by Nuno Da Costa. I was quite late finding my self on visual arts. I could tell he was the first illustrator I know, and is my favorite illustrator until now. I never really liked illustration till I saw his works. His illustrations are beautiful combination of art and fashion -two things that previously could only be found together in photography -litterally

Senin, 12 April 2010

Make Love Not War

Photographed by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue

'Make Love Not War' is an anti war-war slogan associated with the American counterculture of the 1960s. It was used primarily by those who were opposed to the Vietnam War, but has been invoked in other anti-war contexts since.
Steven Meisel took the style to a hot, sexy, wild photography. Interesting.

Minggu, 11 April 2010

Midnight Studio

Hello, there. So this is my very first post on this blog. I really wanted to share all the things I know about photography and visual art.
I wonder what's popping into your head when you read the title above. But most bloggers do not reveal the purposes of their titles. Neither do I. Kidding. I love spending my time with pencil and papers at night. Because that when inspiration usually comes. No matter how sleepy I am, how many homework I put off, how many times my mom shouts at me, asking me to go to bed. Inspiration comes at an unexpected moments. That's how it happened to me. How about you?